Get IP-BC/ENTRY and Utility Patenting for IP SAVVYs for $49.00 USD

Identify IP GOALS

You're in the utility patenting corridor of uncertainty. Which doors to open and when?

Align your IP GOALS by title/role/tasking and get into the IP-Zone. When you do, you can change your IP conversation and your patenting outcomes. Identify YOUR IP GOALS, EVALUATE IP-BC, and select the IP-BC LEVEL that helps you best meet your objectives.


Goals are defined by IP Role/Title/Tasking

Whether aligning with IP GOALS as an individual or the IP Champion, find your IP Role/Tasking below. IP-BC LEVELS/MODULES are targeted to your needs.

EVERYONE wants patents with Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)

Intellectual Property is at the HEART of SCA - It's SCA's DNA. TSM is key to drafting SCA patent applications that AVOID FOARs BEFORE filing

You may be passionate about innovation or responsible for patenting

Or anywhere in between...IP hunters typically wear multiple hats, often finding that they harbor conflicting goals and objectives. Gain mutual trust by mapping your goals into the IP-Zone - then evaluate and select the IP-BC course LEVEL that fine tunes the skills you need to meet your IP objectives.

Your IP Goals will be different than others

Your goals may even be in conflict, but they're joined in the IP Zone. EVERYONE wants the patent to issue with a CLEAN FILE WRAPPER.


Technical Leaders: Improve selection of patentable matter, disclosure quality, accelerate IP pipeline. Understand the Big-Bang Theory of IP Capitalization, and what I need to know to start the process off on the right foot. The technical leader that takes on the role of IP Champion can engender an atmosphere of TRUST and help all players align their conflicting objectives.


Legal Leaders: Whether an IP liaison, inside counsel, outside counsel, or a DIY inventor/founder, a key goal is the rapid conversion of utility compliant invention disclosures into complete provisional or full patent application filings, in the shortest time and lowest cost. Legal seeks to  utilize a patent workflow that minimizes the risk of Office Action Rejections with the actual filing, by anticipating them in advance.


Product Leaders: Product marketing works with sales and business development. A key goal is to ensure the best, protectable, competitive advantages are part of the product line. Critical is setting differentiated messaging for the unique, protected elements  as part of the value proposition. A key objective is to have a method that identifies and articulates the key differentiators to create value propositions and develop sales around core strength.

SUMMARY GOALS: You're here because you want to/need to know more about IP acquisition.

  • As a "lone wolf" independent inventor (a rare breed), or an IP player with many IP hats seeking to further IP skills.
  • As an independent IP Attorney in an IP law firm, working with inventors.
  • As an IP LIASON or a patent agent working with the patent office on prosecution.  
  • Each player harbors one or more technical goals, legal goals, and/or marketing goals.
  • IP-BoostCamp will refocus you into the IP-Zone
  • Own your unique goal(s) and respect competing ones . . . collaborate better with others in the IP hunt.
IP-BC/ENTRY and Utility Patenting for IP SAVVYs for $49.00 USD

Can everyone be IP Savvy?

Identify shared needs and enable all participants to benefit

There's something for everyone in the IP-Hunt

Whether you are CEO or inventor, or anywhere in between, when you're ready, get into the IP-ZONE with the LEVEL tailored to your IP goals and objectives. Use the more Patent Application Hail Marys

IP leaders and Executives in the know

They find the right LEVEL or PAK

Start at any LEVEL - Upgrade at any time

INDIVIDUALS typically pick a LEVEL based on their IP tasking.  IP-BC has something for every IP role/task. Use the LEVEL chart to see how easy it is to go down the IP learning curve with Schwartz. Can it be right for you now? Start on your "goto" LEVEL and hone your IP skills in days and months instead of years.

Executives in the know use IP-BC as an insurance policy to protect their vision. They know getting the IP journey on track is job number one when starting a business. Why? This is when the risk of "seeding traps" is extremely high, and legal mis-steps in IP protection can be very expensive and could result in cataclysmic downstream failures.

New CEO's, typically running a Startup in development/incubation, benefit from IP-BC by protecting their investment. They are usually in the process of launching a new product or business. Aspiring Entrepreneurs often rise as an IP champion, having a key management position, and take the lead in adopting IP-BC for the very same reasons. 

PAKs are for IP champions. They are economically designed for TEAMS. IP-BC has something for every IP role/task. Can it be right for you now? Use the IP-BC/ENTRY(Champion-Edition) L-B to take a look at the entire course. The Champion PAKs include all LEVELs. Get everyone IP savvy and hone your IP skills in days and months instead of years.

When you're ready to CheckOut, use the Role/Title/Tasking MATRIX to confirm your selection(s).

Who ya gonna trust?

Ghost busters? or The Schwartz? If you have demons use ghost busters...if you want to change your IP conversation today, use Schwartz


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I'm passionate about IP GOALS!

Take me into the IP-Zone.

I want 80 more IP-IQ points.  I also want "20-20 hindsight" into my IP journey, a way to change my IP conversations, and a better way to predict my Utility Patenting future.

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