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The story of ESERVGO began in 1989 when David Schwartz founded Productive Environments, LLC.  The original vision was to patent and license his "Surface Folding Binder Computer" invention. PEI was reincorporated in 2006 as Productive Education, with ESERVGO as it's IP Training Division. ESERVGO trains CEO's/Innovators in preparing and filing airtight utility patents. ESERVGO does not take on client projects or compete with IP Counsel.

David C. Schwartz - Instructor, VP IP

Dave is the creator of IP-BC and the author of UTILITY PATENTING for IP SAVVYS (his complete book is included as a pdf download in IP -BC/ENTRY level and is publishing as an eBook thru AMAZON). Dave began building his patent portfolio in 1989 as founder and CEO of Productive Environments, LLC. He filed Pro Sea, prosecuted to publishing, and licensed his global patents over a 20 year journey down the "IP Corridor of Uncertainty. Today Dave's mission, as VP Intellectual Property ESERVGO, is to get you IP Savvy. Dave is NOT AN ATTORNEY. His value proposition is that he authored his IP-BC course from a serial inventor/entrepreneur's point of view. He delivers this complete MPEP compliant utility patenting course as a DIY framework for preparing & filing airtight utility patents at the lowest practical legal cost.  

David is also a director of PANDEMDR™ NFP Foundation, where he is developing innovative medical devices fo treating underserved communities suffering from trauma, in particular pandemic triggered trauma.

More About US

Eservgo and Team IP-BC

First, we want to express our highest level goal and that is to deliver utility patenting course levels for all IP roles and titles that enable any IP hunter to improve their conversation and utilization of patenting resources. ESERVGO does not accept consulting proposals and we do not compete with any other IP resources, whether it's inside or outside IP Counsel, or the Patent Office Examiner.

Through the lens of The Schwartz Method (TSM), Dave translates 30 years of pro se IP experience into digestible chunks.  His unique contribution is an insiders guide to the complex and dynamic world of IP portfolio building.  As an independent inventor and entrepreneur, his patent portfolio dates to inventive work on his seminal invention, a hybrid electronic device providing "mechanical windowing" in a binder he claimed as "The SURFACE". His inventive step offered unexpected parallel visualization of multiple surfaces, compact portability, and application accessibility for multi-dimensional displays in a bound enclosure. David's  "hypertext bookwindow" invention preceded Microsoft's  "windows" and "surface" brands. The invention was recognized as the first ever pseudo-digital manipulative for "organizing literacy". As is the case with many innovators, he was "way ahead of his time". The computer industry was not quite ready for his packaging innovations. 

Proven teacher and educator

Schwartz, author & teacher designed/delivered teach the teacher curriculums

In order to build his business, he licensed preferred embodiments for manufacture as stationery products under the “Bookwindows™” brand. His effort produced a portfolio of over 25 patents, secured "pro se", as sole inventor. He bootstraped the company and financed operations from cashflow, building a self-funded licensing business. The claims in each utility patent he acquired had to stand on their own. His portfolio eventually grew to over 250 non-infringed claims. His company's licensed products were manufactured and sold at all of the big box retailers, and his customers enjoyed success, benefiting from the unique advantage in using the tools to organize their time, work and  productivity.Some of the companies he assisted in the IP hunt along with others that marketed and sold his licensed products are listed below.

Schwartz has distilled his years of IP experience in the IP-Boostcamp course offered here. The course benefits from David's progressive patenting experience in mechanical objects, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, software engineered products, robotics, medical devices, electronic devices, FDA pharmaceutical GDP processes, and educational products. He is recognized as an expert in intellectual property creation, acquisition, IP strategy, licensing, product/industry marketing, and complex business to business selling. Schwartz is credited with founding, managing and growing 3 start-up companies. He has his BSEE from Cornell University where he was the MacMullen Scholar. His MSEE is from MIT and his MBA is from Boston University School of Management.

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