You are on the IP-BC course website: Draft and File Utility Patents " Right-First-Time" using The Schwartz Method (TSM)
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Each LEVEL includes IP SAVVYS, FULL Starter-Kit, all prior LEVELS, and it's set of resource files. To evaluate LEVELS by role or content, explore our Learning Management System (LMS) using the menu above, then return here to choose.


ENTRY: Schwartz's opus "IP Corridor of Uncertainty" webcast, detailed FOARs analysis, & "Utility Patenting for IP Savvys" (218pp w/Part1&Part 2) Book.



INTERMEDIATE: Covers  IP Corridor of Uncertainty in detail, risky potholes & how to navigate. Includes Full Starter-Kit and ENTRY LEVEL contents.



ADVANCED: Dives into The Schwartz Method (TSM) & Big Bang Theory of IP Capitalization (BBT). Includes INTERMEDIATE LEVEL with it's contents. 



ADVANCED-PRACT: Includes all IP-BC LEVELS and a complete TSM application in the 30 Day IP Challenge, using dynamic Utility Compliant Disclosures (UCDs).


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