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Discover how Schwartz finally demystifies Utility Patenting: Move into the IP-Zone and earn your Utility Patenting stripes together. Use TSM to navigate the "IP Corridor of Uncertainty" and be first-to-file/published right-first-time. 

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Fatal Office Action Rejections (FOARs)

Understand FOARs

Dominoes set in motion

  • Black dominoes: Invent-Draft-File
  • . . . wait for Office Actions
  • Red dominoes: get the FOARs VERDICT
  • Will the chips stay black and fall in your favor?

It all depends on whether you de-risked for FOARs BEFORE filing and CLAIMED RIGHT FIRST TIME.

Rejections on (101) patentability, (102) novelty, (103) unobviousness come first. Rejections for specification, definiteness, and best mode enablement (111,112,113) will kill you. When everyone understands this, you're well on the way to changing your IP conversation.

Why does any of this matter? Because it's not First-To-Invent, it’s First-To-File!

CLAIMING turned Upside-Down

THEN it was F-T-I , NOW it's F-T-F :  

  • THEN: Before America Invents Act (BAIA), it was First-To-Invent: Patents were filed with specifications but NO CLAIMS...they were "perfected" with new matter. Provisional claims sought priority on the date of conception.
  • NOW: After America Invents Act (AAIA), it's FIRST-TO-FILE: Getting your patent applications airtight, right-the-first-time, specifying & claiming the Preferred Embodiment, unambiguously, without adding new matter, avoiding FOARs in the final patent draft.

Embrace David's story 

“Rude vs Kind Awakening”

Myths or facts? Things everyone agreed on & the truth about office action rejections

(1) Everyone agreed it was essential to get patents with Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA)

SCA patents have true asset value because they are de-risked from FATAL Rejections BEFORE filing. They publish with clean File Wrappers. 

(2) At the same time, everyone's IP conversation was a little different.  They had different, sometimes conflicting beliefs & IP GOALS for the purpose of SCA patents 

(3) IP hunters were ill prepared for the Rude Awakening of FOARs after filing.


Everyone wanted patents to issue quickly and cleanly. CEO's expected them to offer sustainable differentiation, finance wanted predictable on budget spends, Innovators were challenged to create and pick the right Preferred-Embodiment (P-E), R&D/Engineering was expected to perfect the P-E at the lowest cost, IP Counsel was tasked to get monopoly rights, Product Marketing had to sort out the competitive landscape, and BusDev was charged with selling the "must haves". Conflicting objectives? Not really...when everyone is in the IP Zone together. Discover more about conflicting goals or just get going now - click one of the links below.
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Origin of TSM & BBT

Serious about patents?

We were too.

I spent the last 35 years on a journey down the "IP corridor of uncertainty" . . . opening every door inventing, drafting, filing, prosecuting, & licensing a portfolio of global utility patents.

David Schwartz, serial inventor, entrepreneur, & course author shares The Schwartz Method (TSM), "secret sauce",  for securing airtight patents: "I secured over $40m in royalty bearing sales, on 250 non-infringed claims, across a diverse set of inventions, using my TSM/BBT patent de-risking method".

Turn what you have into what you protect.

Origin of TSM & BBT

Born of Trial & Error

I developed The Schwartz Method (TSM) and  Big Bang Theory (BBT) of IP capitalization re-working and perfecting my method as "a matter of life or death" on dozens of  pro sea utility patents, across diverse subject matter.  In BBT, we go back in time and start at T=-5 . Then we work forward to the key event, Notice of Allowance @ T=0, when the “world begins”. It is the sequence of events we use to integrate TSM with the product development life cycle.

I filed globally, prosecuted my applications to issue, and licensed for royalty bearing sales. My best patents were de-risked from Fatal Office Action Rejections (FOARs) BEFORE I documented my method!  

My promise: Using IP-BC, IP hunters like yourselves can create and and draft high quality SCA patents during product development, all at the lowest cost. 

Everyone in the IP hunt has a LEVEL of knowledge needed to deliver on their IP tasking. Get the entire team IP SAVVY by starting with the complete eBOOK (Part 1 MPEP Demystified / Part 2 Change your IP Conversation with TSM).  With a focus on de-risking your patents from FOARS BEFORE filing, it's easier to get everyone aligned and get your filings right-first-time. 

The Schwartz Method is based on David's over 30 years* pro se drafting, prosecuting, & licensing a global portfolio of Utility Patents with Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA). If you're not ready to go with a Starter-Kit or IP-BC LEVEL yet,, explore further using our LMS or read the eBOOK Utility Patenting for IP SAVVYS in one sitting and decide if IP-BC is right for you.

*David C. Schwartz, serial inventor, entrepreneur, inventor of TSM, IP-BC course creator, & IP SAVVYS book author

Start with just the eBOOK IP SAVVYS book $9.99 USD

Benefits of TSM & BBT

Benefit: SCA patents

At lowest cost - highest quality

  • Preparation fees running $5,000 - $25,000 
  • Prosecution doubling preparation fees
  • Fatal Rejections & abandonments 

Lost time, questionable protection? ... Reduce total IP cost to publish by >70%.

Saving this much depends on getting everyone IP SAVVY, from CEO to innovators, with IP-BC. 

Benefit: De-risk FOARs 

Before filing...This is how we do it

Integrate TSM/BBT with product development. Stop filing as an after-thought with our blueprint:

  • Enable, Novel & Obvious (1,2,3)
  • Focus/refine Best Mode (4) 
  • Exhaustive search/redraft (5)
  • Iterative de-risking w/IDS (6)
  • File/prosecute DocPak (7)

Whether you're first to invent, TSM is how to be First-To-File. TSM makes patenting an "engineering discipline" by tying it's IDPAW, UCD, UCPA, & UCP into Product Lifecycle Management. 

Benefit: The Village Effect

Common language vs Tower of Babel 

  • When everyone , from inventor to CEO we’re  "IP-Savvy", then
  • Patent apps popped out of the product roadmap
  • IP hunters used different tool kit components 
  • All contributed to lowering IP costs

They used TSM with BBT to integrate patenting into their Product Life Cycle. They were First-To-File (F-T-F) SCA patents on product delivery. They got critical differentiation and increased value.

Benefit: Shared Goals

"Got IP-zone"?

  • Even though each of their IP GOALS differed, 
  • By sharing the IP-zone, ALL "roles & titles", especially CEO found common ground
  • ...and TSM worked for ALL Subject Matter classifications with it's 85%-15% rule

IP hunters can take any LEVEL and upgrade as needed. Delivered in language everyone understands, BBT/TSM has tools for every IP role/task.

Benefit: IP lessons in plain English 

Using easily understood graphical metaphors & epiphany's

  • Is T=0 Notice Of Allowance (NOA) a "light-switch" ?
  • Do you "Turn on NOA" & mint money. NO! Why not?
  • Epiphany: You have to "walk the talk" backwards to understand how to turn on that light switch

The course is delivered in readily understood language - not legalese.  "The Schwartz Method (TSM)" is clearly sequenced in a step-by-step, “how to” de-risk from FOARs blueprint that begins with the market-entry end in mind. BBT is your method to integrate patent drafting with product development.

Benefit: BBT as unifying model

It joins R&D with BusDev

  • Ties R&D to BusDev at T=0
  • Aligns product introduction w/patent filing
  • TSM ensures SCA patents
  • Enables repetitive iteration in product life-cycle

Time your patent drafts in synch with your go-to market steps. How? Optimize your IP workflow, prioritize your P-E's, and build your SCA patent portfolio with BBT. If it's worth doing once, it's worth doing again! 


Testimonials for IP SAVVYS/IP-BC

Endorsement from Bob Norton

Creator of CEO Boot Camp and why CEO's are choosing IP-BC's TSM



What students are saying:

  • A concise method to de-risk your patent process. A comprehensive and thoughtful utility patenting course.
  • I love it. Excellent. Having learned from structured teachers or teachers who teach with metaphor and structure, I think this program is great. Finally, somebody knows how to use metaphor and structured graphics to explain the patent system.
  • Years ago I downloaded a copy of the Manual for Patent Examining Procedures, and found it very heavy going in trying to try to understand the process of citing the operative structure of a patent. I found those concepts buried in civil service gobbledygook. Now, with the America Invents Act, everything's changed. This course helps me walk through the MPEP and understand the new rules. 
  • Wow! This is almost like boot camp. At least your're explaining it; there's no guessing. 
  • I wish I had this training back in 1970 I was doing consulting work for people; inventing things as well as inventing my own stuff. Eventually I had a hand all my work off to a patent attorney... I never owned anything. All I can say now is thanks to to the author of this program. 


Testimonial: Dont's/Do's

Our Customers Tell Us:

  • Use "invention disclosure forms" promising patents
  • Rush patents to "the altar" without de-risking them first 
  • Harvest inventions as part of development
  • Keep trade secrets until filing
  • De-risk withThe Schwartz Method (TSM)

Do It Almost All Yourself (DIAAY)

  • Avoid expensive misunderstandings
  • STOP the arguments
  • Save up to 70% of your patent spend

Learn how to de-risk FOARs and self-manage your pathway to patentship


Patent quality/speed:

A company that was receiving substantial legal invoices from their IP counsel for services they did not entirely understand. Applying TSM to the software patent draft application, they "rewrote" it with counsel, carrying the burden of doing the revised draft by themselves. Together they converted an airtight UCD to a UC patent application(UCPA). The revised, MPEP compliant application was filed with a better chance of getting SCA, while saving thousands of dollars in both immediate and risky downstream legal expenses.

A licensing obligation: 

A start-up company used TSM to reverse engineer and analyze an issued patent they were being "forced" to pay royalties on. They deconstructed the published claims usingTSM and analyzed the Examiner's actions in the File Wrapper. By applying TSM to "re-read" the allowed specification, they were able to identify critical antecedent reference gaps for the issued claims...the university agent had expanded the scope of the claims with an amendment after filing that WAS NOT SUPPORTED BY THE SPEC...a no-no. Successfully showing their licensor that the patent was invalid, they secured a release from the university. Using the prior art, they secured their own SCA patent and were then able to sell their start-up for over 10 million dollars.

LEVELS for Intellectual Property BoostCamp

IP Book & Course...

Not taught in law school.

IP SAVVYS book is your definitive starting place to sort out what you know and don't, so you can re-focus and optimize your patenting gambit.

IP-BC course is the 3rd version of this one of a kind, on-line utility patenting course. Schwartz demystifies patenting in a simple, logical, non-legalese way by showing "the pathway to patenting" as a walk down the IP corridor of uncertainty. He explains which doors to open, when, and with who.  

Get the book, then return and evaluate IP-BC for you and your IP cohorts - it's all right here.

Which LEVEL of IP-BC is right for us?

If any of these 3 vignettes resonate, there is an IP-BC LEVEL for you.

Vignette #1 - The Argument Room

Understanding or decide


Each door you open in the IP Corridor Of Uncertainty results in a unique IP conversation, each with a different set of risks. De-risk your engagements using IP-BC. Find your pathway with us.

Watch the argument room again

In this first vignette, you enter Monty Python's argument room, except in this version, each room has someone from your IP hunt running it . . . from patent counsel, to a cohort, to the Patent Examiner. And instead of arguments, you change each IP conversation into a collaborative dialogue.

Vignette #2 - Coming to America

In this vignette, picture yourself as the immigrant with your own unique language or as the immigration officer offering a pathway to citizenship. It's not only about using a common language to express your's also about the citizenship  principles. You're not "coming to America" but you have to choose your "patent speak" or Universal Patenting Language(UPL) and Guiding Principles(GPs) to achieve your pathway to PATENTSHIP. Choose wisely and opt in for IP-BC.

Vignette #3 - The magic Orgital Pill

In this last vignette consider the following: The single most challenging part of patent counsels relationship with  clients is UNINFORMED DISORGANIZATION. Imagine yourself as either the innovator or patent counsel, being offered a unique pill that magically gets you speaking the same patent language with the same understanding of what it's going to take to file. It brings new life to both of you as IP savvy partners, singing from the same hymnal. Will you each take the potion & be imbued with the power of IP-BC's Universal Patenting Language (UPL) & Guiding Principles(GP) to get equally organized, be  mutually understood, and file accurately and first?


To get everyone on your team into the IP ZONE-everyone needs to use the same patenting language and understand the same guiding principles

 Where do the IP SAVVYS book and IP-BC LEVELS fit in?  

  • The book is a tell all and is a complete, standalone guide to The Schwartz Method.
  • The book works even better as a complement to the IP-BC course.
  • The IP SAVVYS book is the best "pre-read" to honestly learn what you really do know and what you don't.
  • IP-BC is the utility patenting course NOT TAUGHT IN LAW SCHOOL.
  • It offers a LEVEL for every role/title in the IP hunt, allowing you to get IP Savvy together.
  • In the world of rule explanations and patent training, a lot more is said than done. Read IP SAVVYS, then take IP-BC to get everyone into the IP ZONE with your IP. Take the LEVEL based on your IP role/title/tasking, from CEO to innovator/inventor.

Each IP-BC LEVEL has an eBOOK with ALL content.

All LEVELS are completely from the INVENTOR POINT OF VIEW. Augment your current legal perspective with Schwartz's critical insights. 

It's a complete course

Every LEVEL has an easy to follow road-map

  • On our LMS platform
  • Automatic login w/library 
  • Download at will
  • eBOOKs  have all content

Each LEVEL's "GPS-NAV" guide helps you thru by highlighting what's new 

Every LEVEL, including Starter-Kit, uses on-demand video content, story-board content, and an easy to follow learning format comprising:



How IP-BC changes your IP conversation

As an INDIVIDUAL or IP-Champion, turn your IP GOALS into IP OUTCOMES


In less than 1/2 day, apply 30 years of Schwartz's IP experience and accelerate your Utility patent filings in days instead of months.

WHAT: Intellectual Property BoostCamp is a Do It Almost Yourself Utility Patenting course for all IP roles & titles. How? The course is designed in LEVELS from Entry to Advanced-Practitioner.  Use Schwartz's Big-Bang Theory of IP Capitalization (BBT) & The Schwartz Method (TSM) to get 20/20 hindsight into how to prepare and file high quality utility patents @warp speed. IP-BC is for patent drafting in all subject matter areas because Schwartz designed TSM using his 85%/15% rule. The course provides an  airtight method for filings that anticipate Office Action(OA) REJECTIONS , eliminating "fatal" filing errors BEFORE filing, by showing you how to avoid them. De-risk your filings with TSM for lower IP costs and improved portfolio asset value.


WHO is it for and WHY?

Select course levels from Entry to Advanced-Practitioner, as an INDIVIDUAL(Solo) or as part of a TEAM.

WHO: Schwartz structured IP-BC in LEVELS  for ALL IP roles & titles including CEO's, inventors, entrepreneurs, R&D leaders, manufacturing engineers, product/marketing managers, IP liasons, and inside /outside counsel.   WHY: Whether you are are acting solo or as part of a team, it's inevitable that  IP goals are inherently in conflict.  Get 80 more IP Intelligence Quotient points from Schwartz and see how to align IP goals with roles & objectives. When you do this you allow for increasing trust and dynamic stability in your IP workflows. Melding conflicting IP points of view offers new and more effective ways to file great, airtight patent applications . . . Enjoy all of the  "IP-AH-HA"' moments together. 




IP-BC is delivered in an innovative, easy to use on-line learning platform, 24/7 in your course library, with log-in access right here.

WHERE: Select a LEVEL in the store and your personal IP library is configured with just the modules you need.  WHEN: Log-in and work at your own pace,  24/7, on any device, from any browser, any where in the world. HOW: IP hunters are at different points in their journey, so the LEVELS have targeted designs. Entry is for everyone. Take the full length webcast featuring Schwartz's "Big Bang Theory of IP Capitalization". Intermediate uncovers "The IP Corridor of Uncertainty" and highlights risky potholes & workarounds. Advanced explains the ins and outs of TSM. In Advanced-Practitioner, apply your own IP with TSM's rubric in a 30-Day IP Challenge to draft an airtight patent application you can file. 


Change your IP conversation today

Download the IP-BC IP SAVVY's Expense Form & Value Proposition to get reimbursed by your company Explore Fatal Rejections Explore Origin TSM/BBT Explore Benefits TSM/BBT Read Testimonials Answer FAQ's Learn About LEVELS Go: Get Starter-Kit, IP SAVVYS BOOK, or IP-BC Course LEVEL Or keep learning: Sort out your IP learning objectives by Role/Title/Tasking Back to TOP

Still unsure how to boost your Utility Patenting gambit?

The IPBoostCamp LMS is comprised of two components. The first component is the IPBoostCamp website that explains the course and offers ways to select your learning options based on your Role/Title in the utility patent hunt. Select from the menu and scroll down any of the pages to learn about this complex domain. The second component is the LMS multi-level course itself, including Starter-Kit, Entry, Intermediate, and Advanced-Practitioner. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: TSM is the DNA of patents with Strategic Competitive Advantage (SCA). The Big Bang Theory of IP Capitalization (BBT) defines the timeline of your patenting journey. Use TSM/BBT and  you will draft patents from the “inside-out”..........Do this once, and change your IP conversations forever. File cost effectively, file airtight,  and file right the first time. ..........When you secure utility patents with SCA you avoid Fatal Office Action Rejections BEFORE filing and publish with clean File Wrappers..........ONLY THEN WILL YOUR CLAIMS STAND THE TEST OF TIME. Explore the website, then select a course level. Authored by David Charles Schwartz, serial inventor, entrepreneur, & creator of TSM/BBT.

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