You are on the IP-BC course website: Draft and File Utility Patents " Right-First-Time" using The Schwartz Method (TSM)
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Teams start with PAK's - They offer each of your team members all LEVELS with a bundled discount

Use the PAK Selector

Individual Champion PAK: IP-BC/ENTRY LEVEL 1(one) 6Mo $99.00
Start-Up Team PAK: IP-BC/ALL LEVELS 3(three members) 3Mo $599.00
Start-Up Team PAK: IP-BC/ALL LEVELS 3(three members) 9Mo $1299.00
Co-Dept Team PAK: IP-BC/ALL LEVELS 5(five members) 9 Mo $2999.00
University Class PAK: IP-BC/All LEVELS 1(one)Professor/4(four)Students 1Yr $1999.00

There are subscriptions for special roles/titles: 

BD or VC AFFILIATE IP-BC/ENTRY Special Offer $49.99 USD/Qtr
IP Law AFFILIATE IP-BC/ADVANCED(Patent Counsel Edition) Special Offer $179.99 USD/Qtr

Or you can always start with a Starter-Kit

Get a FREE Starter-Kit (no CC required) Includes Part 1 of Book (MPEP Demystified)

Get the complete Book ($12.95 USD) Includes Part1 & Part2(TSM and Changing your Patent Conversations)

Get a FULL Starter-Kit ($19.95 USD) Includes Complete Book & Detailed Treatment Fatal Office Action Rejections


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