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Flash Of Genius (FOG) ... with respect to ENABLEMENT

flash-of-genius(fog) Sep 04, 2020

"Land-Ho" . . . inventing is a little like sighting land after navigating with no land in sight and nothing but fog on the horizon...

Trying to explain inventing to another is a real challenge, and the exhilaration of discovering "it" can't be easily captured.  "Land Ho" is my close approximation for now.  All of a sudden, in a flash you know the invention... there's land. The Vikings sensed when they were near shore and would light the tips of their arrows, shoot them into the fog off the bow, and wait until one landed and the flames caught. 

So Who Cares about the FLASH-OF-GENIUS, why did it really matter Before AIA(BAIA), and what is it's value After AIA (AAIA)?

This blog category seeks to explore this fundamental principle of inventing, the "AH-HA" moment, in the context of what it means to be First-To-File. Keep in mind that the rule book for any of this is the Manual of Patent Examination Procedures (MPEP).  The requirements...

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Creative Innovation and IP Discipline

flash-of-genius(fog) Sep 02, 2020

If we can agree that emerging from the Flash Of Genius (i.e. emerging from the FOG) is a wonderful moment to experience, it is equally fraught with the  intrepid sense of hurdles ahead in establishing Intellectual Property Rights.

Having the 20-20 hindsight , the opportunity to view that moment in the FOG from the mountain top of success, to see a path to achieving a sustainable IP value proposition, could  prove to be the catalyst for all of the players in the IP hunt.

Establishing an IP position may be the furthest thought in the mind of the seminal creator. On the other hand, it might be the first thought, as in "who do I need to involve now to ensure our rights to develop and commercialize this are engaged"...or anywhere in between.

The issue is well cast in the contrast between the FOGGY act of creating the innovative and patentable "thing", and the process of establishing intellectual property rights for it. One is intuitive and the...

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