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Schwartz's Big Bang Theory (BBT) of IP Capitalization : Unifying concept of IP-BC

The BBT takes apart the sequence of events from conception to market exit, assigns time stamps to critical events, and identifies T=O as the instance when the "universe comes into being"...the notice of allowance. This simplification, allows Schwartz to take a look "backwards in time" from T=0 and disect the risk components related to achieving Sustainable Competitive Advantage (SCA) patent applications. As you will see, the greatest risk is from T=-4 to T=-2.

Often what's hard can be easy, and sometimes what should be easy is actually very hard. The single most important catalyst in making hard things easier is a problem solving angle, often called a Point of View (POV). If the right POV is used, then a problem can be dissolved or broken down into solvable components, that in line of a sensible sequence of events, results in "problem solved".

With IP, one of the more complex domains to secure patents with SCA ( Sustainable Competitive Advantage), I have adopted a unifying POV called BBT.

IP-BC is designed with the timeline of my Big-Bang Theory of IP Capitalization in mind. By breaking down the time intervals BEFORE the commercialization step that is typically triggered by a published patent, and looking BACK then FORWARD of that "T=0" event, I am able to align the considerations and lessons learned about getting patents with hopefully, for you to absorb our IP-BC teachings in such a way as to allow you to more readily gain an advantage in accelerating down the IP corridor of uncertainty. to secure cleanly published patents with claims that reflect the broadest scope for your Preferred Embodiment, and which read on your first "must have" product(s) introduced into the market.


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