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De-risking patents from FOARs/Get SCA & make them AIRTIGHT

This series of blog posts seeks to set the record straight on the goal of getting Utility Patents to publish with SCA (Sustainable Competitive Advantage).

In our definition, a patent that publishes with a CLEAN FILE-WRAPPER (no FATAL flaw do-over's) and with CLAIMS that broadly scope the PREFERRED-EMBODIMENT (P-E), will turn out to be patents with SCA.

Why? First, their chain of ownership will be identified with a published patent that has the right look and feel. Second, when ANYONE looks at the File Wrapper ( a public document from the Patent Office), they won't surface any chinks in the armor out of the "starting block". Thirdly, when they look at the object of their invention and what THEY want to go to market with, it will READ on the primary claims in the published patent ( and give them a moment of pause), and in this pause THEY WILL RECONSIDER whether to attempt to file a post publication action in an attempt to invalidate your patent.

Good enough. The simple IP model for Utility Patents conveyed in IP-BC delivers a view called BBT (The Big Bang Theory of IP Capitalization) and provides TSM (The Schwartz Method) as the proven way to draft and file AIRTIGHT patents with SCA.


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