Advanced-Patent Counsel Edition/Quarterly Subscription $179.00 - Certify and get listed for referrals

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Advanced - Patent Counsel Edition

Use Advanced - Patent Counsel Edition to certify in TSM. Once certified, work more effectively with referral clients that have adopted TSM.

ESERVGO does not accept any referral client business. We will never compete with you for customer patenting engagements. 

About this Course

We know you know how to draft patents. That's not why we believe you should certify in TSM for airtight patent drafting.  Having a defined and articulated drafting methodology (TSM) will increase your efficiency in drafting and prosecution. It will serve as the single most important tool for your client's improved organization. Enjoy patent engagements with communication that are conducted using TSM utility compliant invention disclosures (UCDs). Clients that know WHAT you need in an invention disclosure and WHY  become better, repeat, long term clients.

Here's how it works:

  • You get your Starter-Kit and the Advanced-Patent Counsel edition (Module #2/TSM), in a secure, private library available 24/7 from any browser, anywhere in the world.
  • The lessons and downloads automatically appear in your library  (this offer is aligned with client IP-BC/Advanced LEVEL). 
  • Complete the course to CERTIFY in TSM. On completion, your request to be listed for referrals will be promptly processed.
  • At least 1 subscription must remain active to maintain your CERTIFIED STATUS on our referral listing page.
  • The recurring quarterly fee of $179.00 USD is due after the FREE trial period ends.
  • Cancel at any time.

What you get:

  • The Schwartz Method (TSM) complete with all UCD forms and steps.
  • IDPAW (Invention Disclosure Patent Application Workbook) included as part of the Patent Counsel Starter-Kit.
  • Module#2 (a,b) IP-BC/ADVANCED, with full explanation of MPEP rule compliance to avoid FOARs before filing. 
  • Unlimited views and downloads, 24/7, from any browser for the duration of the subscription.

SUMMARY: This special IP-BC course edition teaches the framework and elements of The Schwartz Method(TSM) for the Patent Counsel point of view. It's designed to enable you to certify in TSM and have more effective conversations with your patent client engagements. There is no test but completion of the course is required to be eligible for referrals.

Advanced-Patent Counsel edition is designed to be used with clients taking the IP-BC LEVEL/ADVANCED-PRACTITIONER 30-Day DIY-IP Challenge.

Engagements driven by TSM are more productive engagements. Your clients will prepare utility compliant patent disclosures using  a sequence of IDPAWs and their own IP. Your ability to convert these disclosures to MPEP compliant patents will get your applications filed first, right first time.

Even though you will be doing business as usual, by drafting and filing their patents with this single shift you will accelerate the entire sequence of events to notice of allowance. At the same time, you will enjoy more organized clients, improved patent drafting, and efficient/effective client invoicing.