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Welcome to the IP-BC Partner Program for Patent Agents...a new way to accelerate client success with Utility Patenting . . . while earning AFFILIATE payments monthly, up to 30% of IP-BC Product Sales.

ESERVGO, a division of PE LLC, has developed IP-BC for your utility patenting goals and objectives. We teach The Schwartz Method (TSM) for preparing and filing airtight utility patents, right first time...not taught in law school.

Take the 2 steps and you’ll be onboard (see link and form below):

(1) First, ACTIVATE your annual membership <gain insight into TSM>

(2) Then, REQUEST AFFILIATE/PARTNER <share the TSM difference-earn credits>

We are stoked you are here and ready to change the IP conversation on how to use TSM to get AIRTIGHT Utility Patents de-risked from FATAL Office Action Rejections before filing.

(1) Solo Patent Agent or ParaLegal membership

First, activate your membership if you don't have one yet

Become an IP-BC MEMBER so you can learn and experience the TSM difference.

Not only you, but clients with 20/20 hindsight into IP Capital formation have 80 more IP-IQ points.They have more efficient conversations with you about IP capture. They optimize IP workflow and learn how to get airtight utility patents with SCA . . . de-risked from FATAL Office Action Rejections BEFORE filing.

  • Use TSM and refer clients seeking patent protection.
  • Teach them how to become IP Savvy by drafting with this proven method.
Here's how:
  • First activate your special Patent Agent edition bundle. 
  • Return here  & fill out the Request AFFILIATION form below.
  • Use the IP-BC learning platform to expand your IP insights.

In addition to your annual subscription, you'll get portal access share links for referrals and you'll be good to go.

(1) Get special IP-BC/ENTRY(Patent Agent Edition) subscription $99.99 USD annually

(2) Individual Patent Agents & paralegals become IP-BC AFFILIATE PARTNERS

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  • Now that you're a MEMBER with ENTRY/Patent Agent edition, we're hiring. Please fill out the request AFFILIATE  form on the left. An IP-BC team member will get back to you with your portal credentials and referral link(s).
We are pleased you want to integrate IP-BC as a way to achieve your business goals. AFFILIATES receive a percentage of every product sale from 10-30%. Payments are made quarterly using PayPal or Stripe. Your affiliate link will be in your log-in portal and it covers everything. Links will remain active from 30-90 days in a referrals browser cache. If they buy, upgrade, or double down, you will receive credit.
  • As a member, you’ll have access to IP-BC, a world-class Utility Patenting Course Platform
  • If you want to learn more about all IP-BC offers , use the “Everything you need” tab to access the learning management system for the full course. There is a lot of information there you can use as an AFFILIATE.
  • You get ENTRY Patent Agent edition with Schwartz's MPPP (Manual of Patent Preparation Procedures). 
  • You'll find IP-BC Course LEVELS are for all client IP roles & titles. Help your network contacts accelerate down the IP Corridor of Uncertainty now & for the future.

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