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What you'll get: IP-BC is formatted for high retention learning with a similar lesson structure for all LEVELS. The framework for S-K includes:

  • Get access to the complete IP-BC Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Receive the on-line lesson on Fatal Office Action Rejections (FOARs)
  • INTRODUCTION: Welcome, Who Takes IP-BC, IP is the DNA of SCA 
  • WTPOA (Worth The Price Of Admission): a humorous video clip that emphasizes the message
  • FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS:  Big-Bang Theory, No More Hail Marys, Domino Sequence, IP Pot-holes.
  • S-K LESSONS: De-Risking from FATAL Office rejections (FOARs) brief,This is How We Do It. Abridged free version of Part-1 IP SAVVYS.
  • WRAP UP/WHAT'S NEXT: Something for everyone, a Peak at TSM secret sauce brief, When it's the right time, Align your IP Goals
  • Unlimited Streaming and resource file downloads for initial subscription 

Use S-K and the full web site to evaluate your IP goals/objectives, align patent tasking, and align tasking with offers.

Whether you are a lone-wolf in the IP hunt, or contributing as part of a team, you have a lot to gain.

If you’re the IP-Champion or you’re thinking about boosting your business as one of our AFFILIATE/PARTNERS, the Starter-Kit is an easy first step.

Accelerate down your utility patenting learning curve . . . understand Fatal Office Action Rejections (FOARs), boost your IP Intelligence Quotient (IP-IQ) by 80 Points, and change your IP conversation.

Upgrade at any time. Get the Full Starter-Kit which includes eBOOKs for all content and the complete PART-1 (MPEP explained) from IP SAVVYS $19.95 USD.

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